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Exceptional Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

We have discovered that well-maintained systems rarely fail, whereas 90 percent of all AC system failures are directly related to a lack of regular maintenance! Isn’t that crazy? Consider this. Why wouldn’t you want to avoid breakdowns and improve the efficiency of your air conditioner with something as simple as maintenance?


Exceptional Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

When you have an air conditioner technician inspect your system each season, you can relax knowing that they will find the small problems that, if left unresolved, could lead to larger, more expensive problems! As a result, we provide an Energy Savings Plan (ESP) to residents of Rowlett and the surrounding area. When you have an ESP, we come to your home twice a year to perform the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance check-up.

If a failure occurs, you will receive priority same-day service with an ESP. You will also receive a discount on your AC unit’s maintenance service. These exclusive benefits are only available to members, so sign up today!

Agreements are automatically renewed annually and can be cancelled at any time by either party. Rates will be guaranteed for one year from contract acceptance by Air & Heating Solutions. Rates are subject to change on an annual basis. Discount rates are only available for the properties listed above. To receive discount rates, additional properties must be on separate maintenance agreements.

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